The Riverside Community

A Member of Purpose Built Communities

Founded in Atlanta in 2009, Purpose Built Communities is a nationally renowned non-profit consulting firm that works side-by-side with community leaders, residents, and others to plan and implement holistic community revitalization efforts. As the 19th member of the Purpose Built Communities Network, REACH Riverside will work in partnership with Purpose Built Communities to create a vibrant community where all have the opportunity to thrive and succeed. The Purpose Built Communities Model was pioneered in the East Lake Neighborhood in Atlanta, starting in the mid-1990s. In 2009, Tom Cousins, Warren Buffet and Julian Robertson founded Purpose Built Communities as a pro-bono consulting firm to help local leaders replicate the success of the East Lake revitalization in other parts of the country. Former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin serves as Executive Chair of the Board of Directors, leading an expert team of consultants with decades of experience. The tremendous success of the East Lake revitalization is demonstrated by the following statistics: