With the community,

FOR the community


The WRK Group, which is comprised of three organizations and over 130 employees, who share a collective mission to empower the community to reach its full potential by eliminating the barriers of structural racism and revolutionizing teen engagement. REACH Riverside, overseeing a $250M holistic revitalization, also serves as the managing partner for Kingswood Community Center, a pillar of the Northeast Wilmington neighborhood for 75 years, and The Warehouse, an educational and recreational oasis for teens.


The WRK Group Empowers the community to reach its full potential by eliminating the barriers of structural racism and revolutionizing teen engagement.

The Warehouse is the newest addition to The WRK Group. Established in 2019, The Warehouse is an innovative, one-stop center serving ages 13 to 19.

Developed “For Teens, By Teens”, The Warehouse provides teen-driven programming that is focused on its key pillars of Recreation, Education, Arts, Career, and Health. Our programs drive teens to explore who they are through classes such as, SAT Prep, Trap(ish) and Paint, The Money School, Yoga, and so much more!


(REACH) serves as the managing partner, or “community quarterback” for our two service partners.  Developed “With the Community, For the Community”, REACH oversees a $250 million holistic revitalization effort within the Riverside neighborhood. This ambitious redevelopment project provides up to 600 unites of high-quality, mixed-income housing.  What’s more is, WE ARE NOT DISPLACING A SINGLE RESIDENT during construction. Instead, new construction is occurring on vacant lots, allowing residents to slowly move into new housing when available.


REACH provides leadership oversight and direction to The Warehouse and Kingswood Community Center. Through REACH’s leadership, The WRK Group seeks to create a cradle-to-crain trajectory that creates college and career readiness opportunities as well as health and wellness programming.


Kingswood Community Center has been a cornerstone of the Riverside community for 75 years. Under the umbrella of the Community Center, we offer three unique program offerings:

Kingswood Early Learning Academy provides high-quality, evidence-based programming for ages one through twelve.

Jimmy Jenkins Senior Center offers activities to remain healthy and self-sufficient for our senior community members.

Kingswood Academy serves as an alternative school for students in grades seventh through eighth.

As part of REACH’s redevelopment efforts, The WRK Group will build a new, state-of-the-art Kingswood Community Center that will continue to serve the Riverside neighborhood for another 75 years and beyond.