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WRK Group VIP Daria Hubbard Highlighted in Wilmington Housing Authority Newsletter

"Ms. Hubbard's Multiple Achievements" Showcases Daria Hubbard's successes over diversity

WRK Group VIP Daria Hubbard has been highlighted in the Wilmington Housing Authority’s April 2023 Quarterly Newsletter. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Daria “Dee” Hubbard, Imani Village resident and WRK Group Community Ambassador, has had tremendous success over barriers. Daria is pleased with her accomplishments, but also said she is still in the process of growing and achieving life goals.

Daria, mom of three, began her challenging journey at 16 with her first child and high-risk pregnancy including a coma. Three years ago, she became a resident of Riverside community. Then Dee was able to use her Section 8 voucher through Wilmington Housing Authority (WHA) for her home in Imani Village. Dee is appreciative of the growth she achieved through her WHA programming.”