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Don't Miss Your Chance For Free Food - Riverside Community News January 2023

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Community Food Pantry Open Soon

Great news – the Community Food Pantry at The Warehouse will be stocked and open starting next Thursday, February 7th!

Stop by daily from 3-7pm to pick up staples for you and your family while supplies last.

The Warehouse is located at 1121 Thatcher St. Wilmington, DE 19802

Live closer to Kingswood Community Center?

The Food Bank of Delaware will be distributing free food on Thursday, January 26th from 11am-1pm!

Kingswood Community Center is located at 2300 Bowers St. Wilmington, DE 19802

WRK Group CEO Logan Herring To Give Grit Talk

Grit Talks are a quarterly speaker and networking event featuring interesting local leaders answering seven questions over fifteen minutes. WRK Group CEO Logan Herring will be taking part in this exciting series on Wednesday, February 8th at 8am at Theatre N in downtown Wilmington. Sign up to attend below!

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The WRK Group has something to offer for people of all ages.

Click here to see our full event calendar, or learn more about our resources below:

Warehouse Wednesdays

Between the ages of 14-24 and want to learn more about finding employment, getting a professional certification or attending Warehouse programming? Join us every Wednesday at 6pm in person at The Warehouse!

Jimmy Jenkins Senior Center

The Senior Center provides a welcoming and comforting environment for ages 55 and over. Programming includes social, physical, and mental health activities, arts and culture workshops, and health information sessions and screenings in addition to healthy meals. Learn more!

Early Learning Academy

Are you looking for a local pre-k with high-quality teachers and a curriculum that’s tailored for your child’s individual needs? Look no further than KCC’s Early Learning Academy! Learn More!

Primary Healthcare in Riverside

Want to get an annual check-up from the highly qualified ChristianaCare medical team? Need help managing an ongoing condition like diabetes? Then look no further than ChristianaCare Virtual Health found inside of Kingswood Community Center. Learn More!

Tours of Imani Village, Kingswood Community Center and The Warehouse

Learn more about The WRK Group with a guided tour and presentation from our leadership! Sign Up Here!