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Too often, our neighbors are faced with the decision to heat or eat. Should I pay to heat my home this month or do I pay for my family to eat?

This dilemma is only heightened during winter months as a larger percentage of household incomes are required to be put towards utilities. According to an analysis led by the American Community Survey by the National Low-Income Housing Coalition, three out of every four extremely low-income households in Delaware spend over half of their take-home pay on housing costs.  In Riverside, the heat or eat dilemma was validated this spring when our sister organization, REACH Riverside, responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing direct financial assistance to individual households. Surveys confirmed that 91 percent of residents who received direct assistance planned to use those funds to pay for home utilities.

That’s why Kingswood Community Center (KCC), a member of the WRK Group, has partnered with Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) to provide home weatherization education and outreach to the community.

Home weatherization education and outreach through the Kingswood DIY Home Weatherization Workshops will provide the community with the tools and knowledge needed to make minor weatherization repairs to their homes that have a major impact on decreasing monthly energy bills. In addition, workshops offer information on other weatherization resources including The Weatherization Assistance Program and focus on the connection between a home’s health and the family’s health.  Workshops will also advise residents on how to seek help for several energy service situations.

As part of this program, all participants will receive:

  • Two LED lightbulbs
  • 10-ounce tube of caulk
  • 90-foot roll of caulk tape
  • Window kit for five windows
  • Refrigerator temperature gauge
  • Materials provided in the kit are subject to change based on availability

Following the completion of the workshop, a trained professional provides a home evaluation, and resident may be eligible for additional home updates, which could include:

  • Insulating walls, attics, and crawl spaces
  • Assessing and fixing ventilation, heater replacement, and insulating water pipes
  • Installing energy-efficient light bulbs

The Details:

  • Who: Community members, registration is required
  • What: Kingswood DIY Home Weatherization Workshops
  • Where: The Warehouse, 1121 Thatcher Street Wilmington, DE 19802
  • When: Thursday, March 11 from 5:30-6:30 pm
                 Thursday, April 8 from 12:00-1:00pm
  • How: Complete and submit this Google form. 

Need Additional Information? Contact Kristin Barnekov-Short at

Our Partner

ECA was founded in 1984 and creates lasting solutions to the energy problems of low-income Philadelphians. ECA coordinates low-income energy services, and administers high quality energy conservation, education, heating, and home repair services to reduce households’ energy costs and stabilize families in their communities.