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WHYY Speaks to New Imani Village Residents

‘Glad it all came together’: First Wilmington residents move into revitalized Riverside housing project

Philadelphia National Public Radio affiliate WHYY has written an article about the first residents to move into Imani Village, including former Riverside resident Brittany Rollins (pictured above).

Standing in the kitchen of her sparkling new two-story townhouse, Brittany Rollins gushes about her good fortune in moving from the long-decaying Riverside public housing project across the street in northeast Wilmington.

“I have central air, I have a dishwasher, I also have nice appliances,’’ Rollins, a Bank of America security guard, said this week after returning home from work. “I have a washer and dryer upstairs. I have one and a half bathrooms, two bedrooms, storage out back. Lots more space than I had. So I’m excited.”

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