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Kenyetta McCurdy-Byrd has been recognized by Fighting Blindness, Nonprofit HR, Delaware Today and Delaware Business Times

WRK Group Chief Operating Officer Kenyetta McCurdy-Byrd has been recognized for her personal story and her contributions to The WRK Group, the Riverside Community and Delaware by both national and local publications. These stories illustrate both the outsized impact The WRK Group is having, as well as Kenyetta’s commitment to living up to her personal creed, “Great Vision Does Not Require Great Sight.”

Great Vision Does Not Require Great Sight – Beacon Stories, Fighting Blindness Foundation
“Kenyetta has worked to help others through the nonprofit sector for over 25 years, despite being diagnosed with Stargardt disease at the age of 31. Kenyetta is now the chief operating officer of REACH Riverside Development Corporation and has been recognized for her career achievements by many.

2022 Social Impact Women To Watch Finalist – Nonprofit HR
“For several years during Women’s History Month, Nonprofit HR has proudly recognized women across North America who have made significant contributions to nonprofits, associations, foundations, social enterprises and the communities they serve. This year we called on our expanded community to help us identify and recognize outstanding women who accomplish the seemingly impossible against all odds.”

Meet the 40 Most Empowering Women in Business in Delaware – Delaware Today
“Kenyetta McCurdy-Byrd thrives on “turning vision into reality.” At REACH Riverside, where McCurdy-Byrd is chief operating officer, she is dedicated to building a safer, healthier and more vibrant community.”

HR Awards: Kenyetta McCurdy-Byrd – Delaware Business Times
“Throughout my career, I have championed the value of human resource professionals, both through word and deed. Maximizing the potential of human capital is the essence of HR. A strong HR professional brings clarity of communication to support transparency and build trust, opportunities that promote soft skills and the cultivation of relationships, responsiveness to questions and concerns to ensure staff and leadership needs are met, and fair and consistent conflict resolution.”